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Phaze-9 Corporation focuses on the marketing and public relations of technology products and services primarily for the industries of Robotics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, Fiber Optics, Computers, Software, and Biotechnology.

We know to properly market technology, a buyer's and engineer's mind set must be understood. We take the time to learn all aspects of the technology business - ranging from knowing every industry magazine, directory, and trade show to understanding what makes your competitors tick.

Our team of industry experts is ready to provide your business with highly effective, versatile marketing.



Competitive Advantage

We pride ourselves in understanding technology, understanding your end buyer, and reaching qualified buyers ready to purchase your products.

Phaze-9 has established industry contacts. We know key publications, websites, and directories in every tech industry and have continually updated our database with over 7,000 editors of industry publications that our employees have established relationships.

We have a proven track record of gaining leads for our clients and even increasing business during troublesome economies.

We can negotiate excellent prices for advertising space due to our existing advertiser relationships and client volume.

Specializing In Public Relations & Marketing For the Robotics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology Fiber Optics, Computers, Software and Biotechnology High-Tech Industries.
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